Soft and smooth door closing

Hinge Series

The well-made DTC integrated soft-close hinges fit with vari...

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Perfect motion for drawers

Drawer Slides

The slide is suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bat...

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Metal straight-sided slim drawer

Drawer Systems

The DTC drawer system integrates fashion and elegance, plus ...

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New experience for lift-up door

Lifting Systems

The SQ lift-up support lifts the single door upwards making ...

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Silent and smooth sliding door

Sliding Door Systems

It is widely used in cloakrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living ...

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Reliable and strong

Connecting Fittings

Exquisite manufacturing, safe and reliable connecting parts ...

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    About Us

    • Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group, an R&D and manufacturing facility, is a professional provider of hardware accessory solutions concerning concealed hinges, epoxy drawer slides, ball bearing slides, undermount slides, double-wall drawer systems, lifting systems... Learn more

    Production Sites

    600000 +㎡

    Production Base


    Countries sold to

    106 +



    DTC Dongtai Global Dealer...
    Recently,DTC Global Dealer Conference held successfully in t...
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    DTC & China International...
    DTC showed a variety of star products and new products, and ...
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    Cologne, Germany, Interzu...
    Cologne, Germany, Interzum Exihibition: A New Star in the In...
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      DTC enjoys an international reputation. The rich product series, excellent quality and personal customer service provide strong support for the brand and provide customers with comprehensive environmentally friendly hardware solutions.

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